What if You Make The Wrong Decision?

Keep reading to learn how I rebound from mistakes quickly.

I don’t care about my losses, but I recognize it’s not always that easy for others…and here’s why. 

Too many of you are over-judging yourselves. When you operate from a place of judgement, you fail to realize that you’re human and everyone else sucks at things too. It’s the judgement that creates the real issue, not the “mistake” you’re so focused on.

If you make the right decision, great. If you make the wrong decision, who gives a fuck? Move on. Think I’m full of it?? Let’s think back to one of the most significant mistakes of my career: when I moved from YouTube to Viddler as my home for Wine Library TV. Had I stayed focused on YouTube from 2007-2011 instead of chasing a short-term bag 

, I could have had millions more subscribers, awareness, and brand building…but did I cry about it? No. I adjusted, moved forward, and never made that mistake again. I was accountable, but I didn’t dwell. 

When you make decisions and you don’t dwell, the net score outpaces your mistakes. The problem is that people are trying to be 3 and 0…3 right decisions and NO wrong decisions. I’m trying to be 118 right to 92 wrong. Keep it moving, adjust as you go, and stop focusing on dumb shit! 

The great blessing of my life is that I don’t judge myself. I don’t dwell. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m delusional. I hold myself accountable, but I just don’t waste time putting myself down. 

If you can drop the habit of over-judging yourself, you’ll move much faster and be much better off in the long run. I want you to win and I wish you so much happiness as we continue to move in the second half of 2021.

By Gary Vee

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