South African Comedians should Establish Their Own Streaming Service

South African comedians should come together and establish their streaming service!

The South African comedians should come together and establish their streaming service if they are serious about saving and taking their careers forward. The move will eliminate the reliance and being at the mercy of streaming services for making a living. After all, streaming platforms desperately need content from comics but they treat them like shit!

How the idea Come About 

The idea of starting a streaming platform came to me after my interaction with many South African comedians, the majority of them are not getting deals from streaming services such as Showmax, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. I hope the situation change because we saw several streaming services coming to our shores lately. 

Working Together as a Unit 

Working together is more like taking their future into their own hands, basically is more like creating their basketball or football league. Given each comic’s following across social media, the concepts of starting a streaming platform can work. 

How will the Streaming Work? 

For starters, each comedian must contribute one comedy special to be part of the new streaming service as a joining fee so to speak. The streaming platform is going to be a game-changer in comedy and I’m confident that it will succeed. 

Business Model 

The streaming service will make money through a monthly subscription model. This move will help comedians to have a monthly income instead of relying on gigs to make a living, if you rely on gigs and they’re not coming that means you can eat or feed your family. 

Technology and Digital Abundance

Tech is on everyone’s side, that means any one with good ideas can become a billionaire. Comedians need to think big and stop with narrow minded and hand to mouth thinking. The opportunities are there for a taking, the question is are you hungry enough to create your own success and bless yourself.

For further discussion about the concept, comedians can reach me at 

By Rethabile Mohlala

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