FLO, Fertility Tracking App Managed to Raised $50 Million Series B Funding

A fertility tracking app Flo managed to raise $50 million series B funding to accelerate its growth. According to the App, investors are serious and understand the value of women’s health tech. 

The platform user based has increased to around 200 million worldwide. 

How the Flo App Work? 

The app uses modern technology and machine learning to offer users “curated” cycle tracking and predictions, personalised health insights. It also use real-time health alerts based on tracked symptoms, with data fed in by its sizeable user base.

Sergei Eliseev on Behance

 Flo started out as a period tracker, now touts its app as a proactive, preventative healthcare tool for women. It connects them to “science-backed content, expert-led courses and accurate cycle predictions.”

According to TechCrunch, Flo appears to be getting something right with its current content and marketing mix. Over the past 12 months it says its active subscriber base has increased 4x hitting 1.5M in August 2021. 

The publications reports the App’s target is reaching a $100M Annual Run Rate by the end of the year.

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