Google Integrate AppSheet Automation into Gmail and Spaces

Google has announced a new integrated feature AppSheet, a no-code app development platform that enables anyone, regardless of their coding experience, to quickly build and deploy applications and automation, into Gmail.

This new integration feature enables Workspace users to build dynamic emails using AppSheet.

The tech giant wrote in a blog post “we’re bringing more flexibility into Google Workspace by integrating AppSheet into Gmail through dynamic email support. This integration lets anyone including non-technical users build dynamic emails using AppSheet”.

With this, an AppSheet developer could now build an approval workflow or asset management system that users can update right from within an email.

Google Workspace opens up spaces for all users | TechCrunch
Google Spaces

Praveen Seshadri, the CEO and founder of AppSheet who sold the service to Google in 2020, noted that this is a small but important step in the service’s overall mission to enable more users to convert their idea into working software — and to help those developers (or “creators,” as he likes to call them) reach their users where they are.

“What we’re in the process of doing is saying, ‘how do we let people who are what we call creators — people with ideas of how to make things run better or automate things, and so on — build those things?’ Traditionally, there were apps, but of late, we’re trying to say, ‘how do we integrate that deeper into the experience of those end users?’ That’s what developers have been doing for a while with the workspace platform and now we’re broadening that to the non-developers,” Seshadri said.

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