Twitter to allow Users to Remove Followers without Blocking them

Twitter is rolling out a new feature to all its users that will let them remove followers without blocking them. This moves comes after a month of tasting and checking if the new feature will work or not. 

The removing feature is much better than blocking someone because it gives them together with cyber bullies and trolls a dignity. By removing a follower, users can feel more secure about who sees their tweets without blocking them altogether.

According to TechCrunch, for years, Twitter users had manufactured this “soft block” by swiftly blocking and unblocking a follower, which removes them from your follower list. But now, Twitter is making this its own feature.

witter Head of Consumer Product Kayvon Beykpour said last month, “You won’t see us stay tied to the things that aren’t working,” when announcing another large round of new additions. 

“We believe that if we’re not winding things down every once in a while, then we’re not taking big enough bets,” Beykpour added. 

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