Netflix Launches Mobile Games on Apple Devices Worldwide

Netflix after it launched a mobile games to Android users globally last week. The company is expanding mobile games to users on iOS. The lineup, which includes two “Stranger Things” games and a few other casual gaming titles, will be delivered to iOS users the same way they are on Android.

Apple users will be able to install the mobile games on their phones or tablets directly from the App Store.

Netflix launches games to iOS users
Netflix Mobile Games

With the Android launch, Netflix introduced a new “Games” tab within the app where users could browse the catalog and find a game they wanted to play. But to actually play the game, they would be directed to the Google Play Store to install the game on their device. Upon first launch, users would then sign into the game with their Netflix credentials.

Netflix says it’s using a similar system with the launch of Netflix games on iPhone and iPad. Except now, users are directed to Apple’s App Store for the downloads, not Google Play. The games will also require users to authenticate with their Netflix membership information in order to begin playing.

Apple said Netflix users on Android have their own dedicated “Games” tab in the app’s navigation, but iOS users will not. Instead, with iPhone members will only see a dedicated games row in the app where they can select any game to download.

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