Nigeria’s Helium Health bought Qatar based Meddy, a MediTech Firm

The Nigerian medi health tech startup Helium Health has bought Meddy, a Qatar-headquartered and UAE-based doctor booking platform. Details of the transaction is not disclosed unfortunately.

Both, Meddy CEO Haris Aghadi and COO Abed Alkarim Khattab will join Helium’s leadership team as part of the deal. They will “play integral roles in Helium’s execution of its GCC strategy and operations.”

Helium Health
Helium Health Team

Helium Health CEO Adegoke Olubusi told TechCrunch, “You don’t have a lot of people who can provide a suite like ours in the GCC. If they do, they’re doing it at a price point that’s so high that they’ve already priced out the market in that sense.”


“But we can provide a full suite where you can do your appointments booking, marketing solution, EMR, hospital management information system, and have everything in a one-stop shop. It saves you a lot of stress in the process from trying to consolidate many different systems,” he added.

Helium Health

The company, founded by Olubusi, Dimeji Sofowora and Tito Ovia in 2016, initially is well-known for its core electronic medical records (EMR) and hospital management solutions in Africa. But it has since evolved to offer other services under its platform, including HeliumPay, a billing and payments solution; a collateral-free loan product, HeliumCredit; patient-provider and revenue cycle management service HeliumDoc; and data analytics services.

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