Six major Mobile Forecast Trends to Keep your Eyes on in 2022

Six major Mobile Forecast trends to keep your eyes on for the year ahead according to App Annie

  • TikTok will continue its rocketship growth. The firm predicts the app will reach 1.5 billion active users — a figure it will reach 1.75 years faster than WhatsApp did.
  • Big new milestones are ahead for a number of top apps. Pinterest and Temple Run 2 will reach 1 billion downloads. Subway Surfers will hit 2 billion. TikTok will reach 3 billion and reach $3 billion in consumer spending.
  • Metaverse apps will gain big. The apps (e.g. Roblox, Minecraft) will see over $3 billion in consumer spending.
  • Gen Z fintech apps will grow. Mobile-first fintech apps will grow by 160% in 2022, with crypto driving adoption.
  • Video streaming subscription apps will also win big, as entertainment apps hit $12 billion in consumer spending.
  • Creator economy heats up on mobile. Social apps will see $9 billion in App Store spending thanks to creators.

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