Talk Radio 702 bid Farewell to Azania Mosaka

Radio goddess and seasoned media personality Azania Mosaka leaves Talk Radio 702 this Friday to focus on her NGO projects. According to the station Aza will be replaced by fellow media personality and SABC 3 talk show host Relebogile Mabotja.

“As they say, all good things must come to an end. After twenty years of radio, I am stepping away from the microphone to pick up the active citizenry baton through my NGO, Peo Impact Gardens in Soweto. My next goal includes supporting four pillars in our communities: health – through our vegetable garden, body and soul – through our breathwork offering, and mind – via the library program. I look forward to moving into a space of implementation, physically and actively doing community outreach and to use my voice to raise the profile of communities in need. I have so loved my time at 702 and will miss our loyal listeners,” said outgoing daytime host, Azania Mosaka.

Azania Mosaka mourns the death of her father – Sa411
Azania Mosaka

702 station manager, Mzo Jojwana reflected, “Azania has contributed significantly to 702’s success over the last six years. We will miss her and wish her well as she continues to Walk the Talk through her NPO work”.

Jojwana added: “We are thrilled to welcome Relebogile Mabotja back to the station. We know her voice, fearlessness, and ability to listen and really connect with our listeners will once again hit the right note with our audience.”

Mabotja, who makes her big return to the station’s airwaves on Monday 22 November from 1 to 3pm weekdays, is an accomplished radio, tv and news personality. The 702-audience will remember her as the 702 Early Breakfast show host from 2017 to 2019.

Relebogile Mabotja
Relebogile Mabotja

“I look forward to stepping back behind the 702 microphone and growing with the audience as we walk the talk together. Listeners can look forward to light, irreverent and meaningful conversations. I am happy to be back home,” said Mabotja, the new host of #702Afternoons.

702 says farewell to Azania and welcomes the return of a familiar voice

Mosaka’s last show will be on Friday 19 November 1 to 3pm. Listeners are invited to tune into her farewell show to bid her a fond goodbye and then to welcome Mabotja back to the station on Monday 22 November.

Final Words from Azania: Weary Eyes that had been crying as I said goodbye to the best part of radio, the listeners. The words we shared today will reside in my heart forever. The love we get for doing this very public work sometimes feels unearned, a lot like grace. The tears shed on-air with listeners today who have chosen to spend a part of their precious waking hours with me, and the words they spoke upon my life moved me beyond measure. These are some of the many people I’ve worked with at Primedia. Thank you to them. It’s also the young women who came to tell me how I have impacted them without even being aware but by simply being me. They said it gave them permission to bring all sides of themselves and not feel pressured to be what they are not. They feel free to not conform to some ideal that is not theirs and be themselves. I felt seen. To be seen in life, especially to be seen for who you are is incomparable. When who you are, is mirrored back to you, when there isn’t a gap between what is said and who you really are. I now overstand what authenticity is through experience. Speak only in truthfulness. Act only in love. “If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best.” Neale Donald Walsch. #ResignationWeek #finalday #gratitudealways

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