Mailchimp confirmed a Data breach of Hundreds of Accounts by hackers

The email marketing giant Mailchimp has confirmed the news reports that they had a data breach.  

According to the company the hackers got in and viewed approximately 300 customer accounts, apparently looking for cryptocurrency and finance targets. 

Mailchimp CISO Siobhan Smyth in a statement said, “the company became aware of the intrusion on March 26 after it identified a malicious actor accessing a tool used by the company’s customer support and account administration teams.“ 

“We acted swiftly to address the situation by terminating access for the compromised employee accounts and took steps to prevent additional employees from being affected,” Smyth adds. 

Smyth went further to say, “When we become aware of any unauthorised account access, we notify the account owner and immediately take steps to suspend any further access.”

The spokesperson of the email marketing company declined to say what Mailchimp’s plans were for making it harder for hackers to repeat this crazy act. 

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