Trace TV launches Trace Academia to Upskill youth in the African continent and beyond

Trace, global multimedia platform launches Trace Academia to Up-skill youth in the African continent and beyond

Trace Media house is launching a launching Trace Academia, a mobile app that aims to help tackle youth unemployment on the African continent and beyond. 

The digital learning app combines entertainment and education to create a uniquely engaging learning experience. The company hopes to empower 26 million young people with a different skill sets to alleviate unemployment and poverty. 

Trace Academia is available on both, Available on iOS and Android, Trace Academia offers FREE courses and certificates dedicated to jobs, entrepreneurship and soft skills. 

“Our mission is to empower 26 million young men and women, by providing them with free learning from the world’s best experts as well as opportunities to kickstart their career,” reads the company’s website. 

In a media statement, the company said, “In Africa, 300m young people, aged 16- to 34-year-old, are either unemployed or under-employed. This is a ticking time bomb for the Continent.” 

“For the last 3 years, Trace, a leading multimedia platform that engages with 290m young people in Africa, has been investing, in partnership with a coalition of public and private partners, in finding a scalable solution to help fix this major issue.” 

“The result of this investment is Trace Academia: a mobile app that offers FREE courses and certificates dedicated to jobs, entrepreneurship, and soft skills. Trace Academia courses and certificates are created with the world’s best experts,” state the press release. 

On this adventure, Trace partnered with a range of companies and big brands to make this mission a reality. 

Some of the coalition members include, Google, L’Oréal, Canal +, SACEM, Visa, Schneider, Leroy Merlin, Bureau Veritas, Orange, Ford Foundation, Afreximbank, Accor-Kasada, UNESCO, the African Union, University of Johannesburg, Valued Citizens, TPG, Satya Capital, Trace, Bain & Co, BDD Software. 

The media launch will be led and hosted by Mr. Olivier Laouchez, Trace’s Co-founder and Executive Chairman, along with Trace Academia’s partners and management team. The launch events will be live-streamed in English and French on Trace Academia’s website, Thursday 21 April – 10:00 am GMT+1. 

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