Serena Wiliams invest 7 figures into ‘OpenSponsorhip’, Sports Marketing Tech startup

Serena Williams, Tennis star and now tech investor is winning off the courts as a businesswoman as her venture fund supports several projects in the tech space. 

The tennis grand slam winner invested seven figures into ‘OpenSponsorhip’, a Sports Marketing Tech startup through her fund, Sarena Ventures. 

OpenSponsorhip was founded in 2015 by British entrepreneur Ishveen Jolly. The tech platform allows athletes to sign up for free and apply directly to brands to work with them on certain campaigns. Brands themselves can pay a flexible subscription fee.  

The tech company plans to use the cash injection to scale its operations into UK markets as they see potential growth. While some of the money will be used for growth strategies. 

OpenSponsorhip founder Jolly said, “Since launch, we have been lucky enough to receive investment from some of the most iconic names in the US sporting industry and with Serena at the heart of this Serena Ventures investment, we couldn’t be more excited,” said Jolly.

“To have the support of those who understand the sports and marketing industry from first-hand experience tells us that we’re building something special. The UK market has matured in recent years and as more brands and athletes in the UK become more aware of the benefits of a streamlined sponsorship process, we’re excited to be in place to welcome them to our platform,” he adds. 

SP Media reports since its launch, OS has partnered athletes with campaigns from brands such as Walmart, Foot Locker and Levi’s. It already says it has 12,000 athletes on the platform globally.

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