Creators don’t want Crypto payments says Patreon survey

Patreon survey outcomes reflect that not everyone is a fan of cryptocurrencies as most members don’t want to be paid with cryptos. 

According to Patreon, Out of 250,000 creators active on the platform, over 13,000 people responded to the survey, representing 113 countries and 18 languages. 

The survey indicates that the struggle is real for creators and they are desperate or in need of cash to keep themselves afloat. We all know we living in a world that is faced with economic challenges and hardships.

The creator census reveals that video is the most popular primary medium on Patreon, representing 38% of respondents. The next most popular categories are writing (17%) and podcasting (14%). 

Creative Income

“Some creators, including many who took this survey, are opposed to Patreon building any web3 functionality due to concerns about potential fraudulent behaviour, environmental sustainability and inaccessibility of the technology in its present applications,” state census report. 

“Other creators already offer web3 benefits off Patreon and are excited about the flexibility and value they can offer memberships with new types of digital goods.”

It’s fair to say Patreon survey feedback is a mixed bag and is not making it easy for the executive to make decisions, only time will tell what they decide to do going forward. 

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