Professor Onkgopotse JJ Tabane is ready to fight Trevor Manuel in court

Talk show host and media personality Onkgopotse JJ Tabane says he’s ready to battle with former minister of finance and minister in the presidency Trevor Manual. 

This comes after JJ Tabane made an allegation while talking to DJ Sbu on Hustler’s Corner that Manual as part of the formation of the political party Congress of the People [COPE]. 

Minister Manuel asked Onkgopotse to apologise for making such allegations because they’re far from the truth and he was never been part of COPE formation. 

While speaking to Talk Radio 702 Bongani Bingwa on Monday, Prof Tabane said he stands by his views and is not willing to apologise until the court of law says otherwise. 

“I think I am being fair by standing by my story. His lawyers asked that we don’t repeat the allegations until the court pronounces on the matter.”

Prof Tabane said he’s ready to go to court so that the matter can be ventilated. 

“We want the matter to go to court. The issue needs to be ventilated in court. I’m not in a hurry to disprove Manuel in public.” 

“Many people are donating money for me to fight the case because they see it as free speech more than anything, so it is not my money, I will at the end of the process do a tally. After the case, we will donate the rest of the money.”

The court case is set to take place on 14 June.

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