Shofha platform exclusively airs ‘Bahebak’ across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

Shofha, a video-on-demand mobile application and website platform by ArpuPlus, will exclusively air the Egyptian hit rom-com blockbuster ‘Bahebak’ starring Tamer Hosni, throughout the MENA region for the first time. ‘Bahebak’ broke box office records in the MENA region, becoming the top-ranking film in the Middle East and dominating the big screen in Saudi Arabia by holding the second highest-grossing film on the opening weekend in the respective regions.

The blockbuster is being currently broadcasted across 14 countries in the MENA region where the app is currently accessible, and will soon be streamed by Shofha in Egypt. In addition, Shofha is also offering an exciting deal for customers which entails a three-month trial period on app stores including both iOS and Android apps. Shofha caters to the needs of a wide range of users across the MENA region. The content catalogue of the platform is based on an exceptional diversification strategy that ensures meeting the needs of every customer. Exclusively broadcasting this Egyptian megahit is Shofha’s first step to developing a unique content strategy for the new year serving as a foundation for much bigger plans in the coming years.

Integrated with over 30 operators throughout the region, the Saudi Arabian market accounts for 25 per cent of Shofha’s subscriber base. Additionally, the platform will soon introduce its original content made exclusively for the application. The platform has been developed with a thorough understanding of the consumer needs and expectations, which enhances user experiences.

Medhat Karam, CEO of ArpuPlus said: “Our key goal behind launching the Shofha platform was to provide access to a diverse selection of content for people across the MENA region. The exclusive broadcasting of ‘Bahebak’ will further strengthen our presence in the region and beyond, as well as contribute to our mission of becoming a better route for good content that caters to the right set of audiences. This further aligns with our commitment to upholding family content standards while offering exceptional viewing experiences to users for a variety of Arabic movies and TV shows.”

Shofha platform was launched by ArpuPlus in 2016 and offers users access to a vast content library with over 25 categories and genres, including Arabic films, classic films, series, plays, short films, and other entertainment content like cookery and sports. ArpuPlus aims to transform people’s lives through the latest technologies and platforms that deliver the latest news, offer convenient ways to order food, seamless payment options as well as online ticket booking options. It further enables users to communicate with government agencies, receive calls, and interact with their favourite artists and celebrities.

ArpuPlus, an A15 subsidiary, was launched in 2003 and employs the latest technological innovations to connect with the world. The specialised mobile communications enterprise aims at offering clients’ solutions of the highest standard. The company employs over 150 professionals across 13 locations and three R&D facilities, providing services to over 40 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and empowering more than 75 per cent of MENA’s mobile users.

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