Nelson Mandela Foundation: 10-Year Remembrance of Madiba’s Passing – The Legacy Lives On Through You

The 5th of December 2023 marks the 10th anniversary since Nelson Mandela passed away whilst the 18th of July will mark his 105th birthday. This 10-year anniversary presents the world an opportunity to introspect as we evaluate the gains and losses over the last decade, and ask ourselves: what is this moment calling for? Here in South Africa, for example, Madiba’s vision for a democratic and free country where all live harmoniously and enjoy equal opportunities remains an ideal for ordinary South Africans today. As such, The Nelson Mandela Foundation will dedicate its activities and programmatic work for the year to reminding our nation and the world that the South Africa of our dreams is the South Africa of Madiba’s vision and values.

This was revealed at a media briefing held at the Foundation with key news editors and journalists who were taken through planned activities for the year. Over the course of this year, the Foundation will launch 2 podcasts and convene dialogues and exhibitions interrogating the country we fought for and earned with the country we have become.

Over a third of people in South Africa are unemployed, we endure a debilitating energy crisis, an impending climate calamity, a leadership crisis and extreme poverty and inequality are rife. We live in fear of each other, of crime, of assault and all kinds of violence. What is this moment calling for? By reflecting on the passing of Nelson Mandela 10 years ago, this year we challenge the people of this country and the world to carry out the finished work of Nelson Mandela. This is why the 10-Year Remembrance call to action is “The Legacy Lives on Through You”.

“Madiba valued peace, forgiveness, compassion and human dignity and was willing to die for these ideals,” explains Sello Hatang, Chief Executive of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. “Through partnerships with various media, agencies and key stakeholders, we want to highlight Mandela’s contribution to the gains of a just society and demonstrate how our founder’s values and beliefs can help to solve today’s challenges in an impactful way.”

The Foundation also unveiled the official mark for the 10-Year Remembrance of Nelson Mandela’s passing, the official call to action as well as this year’s programme, including a global activation of the Nelson Mandela International Day. This year, Mandela Day will focus on Climate, Food & Solidarity. The call to action is for new hands to join the work of dismantling poverty and inequality by taking action against climate change and creating food resilient environments.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s passing, if we are honest, is to acknowledge the profound woundedness of our world as well as many profound achievements in overcoming adversity and crisis. We miss Madiba. We miss his astute and decisive leadership, his outstanding values and his overwhelming care and deep love for the people of this country. Nelson Mandela is dead. The legacy lives on through you.

The official 10-Year Remembrance mark can be found here and may be used for all non-commercial activities in support of commemorating the 10th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s passing.

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