OPINION | What will actually move the needle for marketers in 2023

What we already know is that a good marketing strategy involves looking beyond the present which is our market research design, public relations, social media, digital, and production services to work holistically to generate leads and take your brand to the next level.

According to Lumico Amplify- executing a marketing strategy through traditional and online marketing  you need to “start by building brand awareness through an always-on approach targeted to a broad audience to figure out who our most interested consumers are. Then engage the audience through follow-up campaigns that are customised to their very needs.” granted, although lately we have more professionals who are looking to capitalise on the latest trends using the latest techniques.

Below we get to discover through a list of 4 marketing trends, what lies ahead for marketing in 2023: 

1. Low cost production methods.

More content creators find that having to do less and publishing raw content/ footage is more. We find this on Instagram reels, TikTok and Stories. Just a simple repost on Instagram from a client is more than enough. This is also a way to keep the creative online presence flowing.

2. Maintenance on physical/digital connectivity.

Henry DeVries, M.B.A co-founder and CEO of Indie Books International recently told us in an article for Forbes that “Covid-19 brought on an accelerated shift from physical to digital experiences. In 2022, we witnessed the pendulum swing back as consumers returned to many of their long-missed physical experiences.” Therefore in 2023, it is still important to maintain physical manifestations but what’s even more important is prioritising making these moments feel continuous- digitally…basically this is a recipe for an intentional and successful brand.

3. Key-role played by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The more personalisation from consumers intensifies the more the AI will play an even bigger role in content creation as AI and copywriting have been linked for years. AI tools will take center stage in assisting marketers gather consumer insights that can aid in crafting more personalised campaigns while keeping the ad spend under control. How cool? Businesses like AirBnb, Microsoft, Google and so on are benefiting themselves through AI tools. Hence why you can come across social media blogs and posts that integrate with your social life and interests.

4. Marketers collaborating with our favs! (influencers/ favourite people) 

This trend will definitely keep up in 2023 why? According to professional marketing strategist Pamela Bump,  When marketers collaborate with our favs and industry thought leaders in their industry, ”they can expand brand awareness and gain fans from the influencer’s own audience.” Also if you can’t afford to hire a celebrity influencer with millions of followers, don’t worry about it, just hire a micro- influencer also known as a social media influencer a fav to typically thousands to ten thousand followers. 

Due to their higher level of engagement, they too have found their niche in their industry- which is why they have started to play a bigger role in converting leads, connecting with audiences, and boosting brand awareness and their audiences are more likely to “trust their opinions and recommendations” as they are considered as “everyday” people.

 I would say as a marketer you’re up to speed for now, for as long you embrace change- keeping your thumb on the pulse of marketing trends- your business won’t fall behind. Use marketing trends to grow your brand in your business.

By Zukiswa Mohapi – Independent Marketing Communications Strategist [zukimohapi@gmail.com]

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