OPINION | “Now we are free of ‘23, let‘s be more in ‘24” writes Catherine Wijnberg

I’m so excited for the year ahead. A whole 12 months to be more and do more. In fact I’m so keen I have created myself a 2024 guideline for it. 

But before we get there, let me first tell you a little back story, which is that my weakest subject at school was English language. I just couldn’t see the point of sweating over commas, colons and semi-colons as long as the writing in between was good. And as my editor frequently complains – Not much has changed today! 

One thing that stuck is the line-up of English vowels – which are AEIOU. So it’s with a twinkle in my eye that I have used this as a basis for my be more in ’24 mantra. 

It goes like this: 

A is for authenticity. When we are authentic in all that we say and do, we can relax knowing there is nothing to hide. This allows our inner power to rise and our full energy to flow. 

E is for empower. When we empower ourselves through education and give ourselves the permission to speak up we stay fresh and excited. When we give space for others we empower them too. 

I is for information. When we seek to understand things through listening, reading and research we can make better informed decisions. We can understand the difference between falsehood and truth, bring more balanced views to polarised conversations and take the guess work out of decisions. 

O is for optimism. The more optimistic we are, the better tuned we become to the possibilities around us. Our Optimism is infectious and acts as a draw-card to others.  

U is for unconventional. Leaders are never average, leaders go beyond expectations, change expectations and reach for new and innovative ways to get ahead. When we seek the unconventional we prime ourselves to look for out-of-box solutions, game-changing ideas and strategies that can change the world. 

Together we can be more in ‘24!  

Let’s do it! 

With love,


By Catherine Wijnberg – Founder and CEO of Fetola

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