Journalist Mehdi Hasan to officially launch his news startup Zeteo on 15 April 2024

Mehdi Hasan has announced that he will officially launch Zeteo, his digital news startup business on Monday, April 2024.

The journalist turn media entrepreneur launched the news startup two months back after he was fired from MSNBC and Peacock, its streaming platform.

Hasan said what we have seen in the past two months was just a teaser and soft launch of what’s coming to the platform.

“All the written contentexclusive interviews, and videos we’ve released these past two months have been part of a promotional preview of what’s to come. Starting soon, Zeteo will be delivering,” said Hasan.

  • “Mehdi Unfiltered”: Zeteo’s own streaming show. Our first episode, coming out on April 15, will feature a challenging, hard-hitting interview with a big-name guest, thorough analysis from DC insiders, plus facts, figures, and of course, unfiltered opinions from yours truly.
  • Original contributor content: These aren’t just your typical talking heads. We’ve built a team with big names and a wide range. Pulitzer Prize winners, Hollywood stars, world-changing scholars, and best-selling authors will bring you thought-provoking pieces and their specialist takes on what’s happening around the world, each with their own unique approach, starting next week. 
  • A brand-new podcast, with Mehdi & a special co-host: Because heck, why not! This will be a little different from my typical news shows (no suit and tie, to my mother’s dismay). Instead, I’ll talk politics on a more personal level every other week with a different and famous funny friend of mine. Our first guest co-host is even busier and more in demand these days than I am (crazy, I know), so this will come out a little later in April.

Zeteo’s content is not free, according to the founder Hasan, users or media, consumers must be willing to part ways with some dollars to keep the startup running instead of being tied down by advertisers and corporate lobbyists.

In a blog post he said: “will you consider taking your support to the next level by becoming a paid subscriber? I know it’s a very direct and blunt question (typical me), but to keep Zeteo’s journalism independent and free of advertiser and corporate influence, and to allow us to continue investing in the future, we have to rely on our individual paid subscribers.”

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