Audi Connect is coming to South Africa

Audi Connect will launch in South Africa alongside the new Audi A4, the German carmaker’s South African branch has confirmed.

Audi Connect brings a range of connectivity features to Audi drivers, allowing them to access important information related to their vehicle and their driving habits.

The technology will be integrated into the new vehicles, making these cars “digitally connected hubs”, said Audi South Africa.

“This includes delivering Internet services to the car via an embedded SIM (installed directly into the vehicle) and used through the myAudi app,” explained Audi South Africa.

“When inside the vehicle, the Audi MMI (multimedia interface) and Audi virtual cockpit becomes the mechanic of use.”

Features that are enabled by Audi Connect include:

  • Navigation features which are enabled through live and integrated Google Earth navigation and traffic information. This feature includes live information about points of interests, traffic information, and weather updates.
  • Safety features which support the driver in the event of damage, breakdown or minor accidents.
  • Notifications for when the vehicle needs a service.
  • Security services available with certain models include remote functions such as protection against unauthorised access.

myAudi app

Audi Connect is not only accessible when you are in your vehicle; the myAudi mobile app allows digital access to your vehicle from anywhere and at any time.

“It is through this point that the driver can access important vehicle information, manage data and configure and set up certain services,” explained Audi South Africa.

Once the app is activated, the driver will be able to call up real-time information about the vehicle and keep an eye on the fuel level, range, service appointments, warning messages, and other functions.

“Audi believes that the introduction of Audi Connect and its app-driven functionality, will turn the new Audi A4 into a constant connection hub while effortlessly integrating with the customers’ digital lives,” said Audi South Africa.

Audi South Africa said its Connect feature is rolling out in Q4 this year across its updated models with the exception of the Audi Q2, TT, and R8 vehicles.


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