Google to Turn YouTube into Shopping Channel of the Future

YouTube has served as a platform for vloggers, content creators, and influencers to plug products for years, and now its parent company Google thinks it too can benefit from this by venturing into the world of online shopping.

As Bloomberg reports, Google is looking into making YouTube “a major shopping destination.” The video site recently asked some of its content creators to use YouTube’s own software to tag and track products that were featured in their videos, linking out to shopping tools generated and hosted by Google.

The goal is to turn any video that may feature a product into an online shopping platform. Viewers will watch a clip and can purchase said products directly from YouTube or Google, with the inclusion of Shopify still being tested out.

Content creators will have control over what products they decide to list on YouTube, and this is currently being tested on just a handful of channels. For now, the e-commerce platform is merely an experiment, and YouTube is keeping the rest of the information about the project sealed.

By Eric Brain

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