The Amazon-owned Audiobook Company: Audible Further Expands into Podcasts

Audible,  the Amazon-owned audiobook company, is further expanding into podcasts with the addition of approximately 100,000 podcasts (totaling 5 million episodes) to its service. The shows will be offered for free streaming to Audible members and non-subscribers alike, Audible says.

Included in the new lineup are top podcasts like “Pod Save America,” “You’re Wrong About,” “This American Life,” “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” and “FiveThirtyEight Politics,” to name a few.

The company told TechCrunch the additions did not come by way of any recent partnerships or new deals with podcast providers, but are instead a part of Audible’s ongoing efforts to become known as a provider of “premium audio storytelling and entertainment.”

It seems that Audible will use the free programming to entice users to subscribe to its paid service, where they’ll gain access to Audible’s collection of exclusive programs, Audible Originals.

By Sarah Perez

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