How Do You Prepare Your kids for the Future? by Mark Sham

Today’s message is all about preparing your kids for the future!

I have been asked to speak at an event next Tuesday which is being hosted by The Bryanston Country Club, and I’d like to invite all parents to attend with their kids if you live in Johannesburg. But whether you attend or not, I’d still like to share the following perspective with you.

The reason this subject is so relevant is because nobody knows what the world will look like in 30 years with one exception; we know that it will be very different from today. This is why I can say for sure that the one thing all kids will need is the ability to reinvent themselves repeatedly throughout their lives. This is literally the first time in history that we don’t know what particular skills to teach young people because we just don’t know what kind of world they will be living in.

Consider the future job market. Perhaps the greatest problem kids will face will be psychological because at least beyond a certain age, it’s very difficult for people to reinvent themselves. Traditionally, people built identities like stone houses with very deep foundations. But moving forward, it will make more sense to build identities like tents that you can fold and move elsewhere. We don’t know where where you will have to move, but you will have to move.

The greatest job we have as parents and teachers is to teach our kids HOW to think, no what to think. And most importantly, we can’t just tell our kids what skills to learn, but rather we need teach them WHO TO BE so that they are always equipped to deal with this ever changing future.
It’s with this in mind that I would like to invite you to attend this special event that is being put together by The Bryanston Country Club, so that I can share some of the best lessons I’ve curated over time for both parents and their kids. As an entrepreneur that deals with young and old, I genuinely do believe that I can offer career advice from the other side.

The goal of this talk is to help young people understand what to do with their lives, help them to learn how to be happy, and also help parents to understand the new rules that young people are operating under at the moment, that they didn’t have to deal with when they were growing up.

WHEN: Tuesday, 3 November 2020
WHERE: The Bryanston Country Club (Gauteng)
TIME: 18h00 for 18h30 (finish at 20h00)
COST: R100 for parents; kids attend for FREE

Either way, I will be speaking about this topic more and more. So I hope it resonates with you. Also, don’t be shy to share some of your thoughts on the topic with me. Just reply to this email, and let me know what’s on your mind!


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