Some Tips on How to Approach 2021 by Mark Sham

Today’s message is all about how to approach 2021!

I think most people have reached a point where 2020 has tired them out, and all they want is the year to end. But in my mind, it’s not like 2021 is magically going to be much better unless we learn from 2020, and then take action.
My prediction is that 2021 will be as tough as 2020, but with one exception, we will have more experience. Next year WON’T BE EASY for sure, but I’m convinced that we can still turn the tide in our favour if we are willing to consider the following points:

2020 showed us just how much human beings hate uncertainty, and yet that’s all we are guaranteed for 2021. Those who learn to embrace the unknown, get comfortable with change, and focus on what they can control will have a real advantage over most of the world’s population. Easy to talk about, hard to do. Getting comfortable with uncertainty is a daily practice.

Despite 2020 being brutal, some people had the best year of their life because they chose to focus on creating value for others. 2021 will be no different. In fact, people are more hungry for value than ever before. If you can focus on discovering what is value for other people, how to efficiently create that value, and how to widely communicate it, you will do so well in 2021. Ultimately, those who create the most value, make the most money. Again, easy to speak about, but it takes genuine work to get right.

There is no substitute for doing the work. The people who did well in 2020 worked hard to acquire the mental and emotional skills to deal with hardship, failure, and pain. They were also able to reframe difficult times, learn from them, and create value for the world, while others became a victim to 2020. Some people call these soft skills, I firmly believe they have become core skills.

If you were a self-directed, continuous learner before 2020, you were already in the groove of learning, unlearning, and re-learning. More specifically, it’s the unlearning part that’s really difficult, but also the most valuable.

For the sake of length, I’ll leave you to ponder these points. None of them are rocket science, but they also aren’t obvious to most people, otherwise everyone would have had a great 2020.

More than ever, I really do wish you the best for next year. It is my goal to help as many people as possible make the most of 2021. I really believe we can knock the new year out the park, but it’s going to take some work.

I’m ready to do the work. Will you join me?


PS. I’m hosting my last webinar for the year today at 4pm. I’m sharing the lessons I think we all learned in 2020. There is no cost to attend this webinar and I would love to have you join in:

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