5 Areas for Organisation to Achieve Future Readiness

Future-ready enterprises transform how work gets done by using rich data for decision-making, augmenting people with artificial intelligence (AI) and employing agile workforce models — with striking differences in digital adoption and operational maturity. The areas they focus on include:

  • Cloud: Nine in 10 future-ready organisations (90%) — versus 76% of other organisations — use cloud infrastructure at scale, and 78% are also exploring new areas to scale and maximise value.
  • Machine Intelligence: With a focus on augmenting people with technology, 71% of future-ready organisations have fully adopted AI and data science capabilities — an 18-fold increase from just 4% three years ago — and 38% now scale AI practices, compared with just 3% of other organisations. That number is growing, with 63% of future-ready organisations expected to scale AI practices by 2023.
  • Automate at Scale: Two-thirds (67%) of future-ready organisations have adopted end-to-end digital processes and 58% continue to scale leading practices, compared with 32% and 6%, respectively, of other organisations. Four-fifths (82%) are expected to scale leading practices by 2023.
  • Smarter Data: Future-ready organisations are more than 10 times as likely as other organisations (52% vs. 5%) to use analytics at scale — paired with better, more diverse data sets (45% vs. 6%) — to generate actionable insights and inform decision-making. Three-fourths (75%) are expected to use analytics with diverse data by 2023.
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