Accountability is Key to Your Success

Accountability. Over. Everything. The moment you stop blaming other people is the moment you take your power back. So many people are afraid to make mistakes because they think failing means they suck. No! Accountability isn’t about being down on yourself, it’s about recognizing that you’re in control. If everything is your fault, then everything is fixable. It’s just a matter of figuring it out.

I genuinely think every single thing that’s not working in my company is my fault. If Sally or Ricky mess up at work – guess what? I’m the one that hired them. It starts and stops with me, which is a very empowering position to be in. I think where many people struggle is they spend their lives assigning blame to outside sources: parents, clients, the government, etc.

The problem is that when someone else is in control, it doesn’t feel good. Reclaim agency over your life and realize you have the power to control the outcome. I think when you have self-esteem and competence and you layer on accountability, things get way more fun. 

Gary Vee

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