Mango airline Managed to Expatriate 170 Passengers from Zanzibar

South African low-cost airline mango said it had managed to expatriate over 170 passengers from Zanzibar.

This comes after the carrier announced a temporary suspension of flights to the Tanzanian island on Saturday.

The suspension of Mango’s only international destination comes after news that the airline is set to ground its operations next month due to financial difficulties.

Mango airlines is a subsidiary of South African Airways, and its financial crisis delivers yet another blow to the country’s state-owned airline industry.

Spokesperson Benediction Zubane said serval empty flights to Zanzibar will fetch customers with return tickets.

“We managed to expatriate, or bring back, close to 177 passengers yesterday. Our intention is to make sure that we bring back as many of our residents. We fly to Zanzibar again on Tuesday, so we will keep the public up to date as to how far is that effort.”


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