The Rise of Decentralised Finance – Virtual Event

The Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Industry offers a vast set of opportunities and has its set of challenges, with market finance volatility and risks increasing accordingly. The DeFi Conference 2021 is being held on 5th August 2021. This one-day free online event is a great learning and informative platform for businesses, academics, investors, and entrepreneurs to better understand the decentralised finance industry and explore the opportunities that this space offers.

The DeFi Conference 2021 is organised by Bitcoin Events, a pioneer events company that hosts world-class bitcoin and blockchain conferences in Africa. The event will bring forth an unparalleled team of DeFi industry leaders and change-makers to share their experiences about how they are shaping the next era of global finance.

Why should you attend the DeFi Conference 2021?

  • Connect and engage with 35+ world-class speakers and dynamic personas of the DeFi space as they speak about the disruptive products, services, and platforms of the DeFi Industry that they have built over the years, and the challenges surrounding these products.
  • The event will showcase 2 tracks with one dedicated to DeFi and the other one to NFTs. These tracks will feature interesting topics on innovative DeFi ideas and the latest developments in the decentralized finance space.
  • This conference offers a powerful medium to connect and learn from the reputed industry personnel across a spectrum of industries like insurance, finance, trading, investments, and so on.

This high-impact innovative event will feature two tracks, one about DeFi and the other about NFTs. Attendees can engage with influential DeFi industry leaders as they cover topics on financial inclusion, open finance, and the challenges in compliance, security, adoption, and regulation. New businesses and startups can gain insights from the experience of the industry veterans to develop strategies for their businesses and successful DeFi implementation.

The DeFi Industry offers a huge palette of opportunities that industries, corporates, entrepreneurs, and capitalists can leverage. This conference is a viable learning platform for these sectors to gather in-depth financial information regarding the Decentralised finance industry and apply it to their business.

Exhibitors will showcase their latest blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions and get a chance to interact with the attendees and establish healthy networking. In this event, like-minded individuals connect and learn about some of the most interesting blockchain use cases from a range of leading industries, international experts, startups in the blockchain arena.

Find out more about the inaugural DeFi Conference 2020 here.

DeFi is still in its infancy, however it is expected to grow quickly as there is increasing interest for decentralised or alternative financial products outside of the traditional financial system.

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