The Best way to Approach Hate and Negativity – Expert Opinion

Today, I want to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: haters. 

I actually have what I think is a unique strategy when it comes to dealing with hate or judgment from people, whether in social media comments or in real life. I think in general people tend to hate on hate, but I’m actually empathetic to it. The next time you get a negative comment, I want you to consider this. 

The best thing you can do to handle negative or rude comments is to not play into that game. Instead, I am unbelievably empathetic to hateful people because I know that the level of pain they have going on inside to get to that bad behavior must be extreme!! They don’t need any extra help from me by engaging with the negativity. I’d rather stop and ask myself, why are they doing this? What is actually behind the hateful behavior? 


Why is it so easy for me to show empathy towards people like that? Easy – it’s because I know that I don’t know shit. In reality, we don’t have any idea what is actually going on in the lives of 99.9% of the people we interact with. Once you understand that their hate has more to do with them than you, you stop taking shit personally. I don’t have to block, I don’t have to argue…I just understand, and move on. 

Seriously, I hope this advice helps some of you today. When given the choice, always choose to respond with compassion and be the best Empathy Elephants you can be! 


 This includes when it comes to yourself, too. From understanding where others are coming from to accepting yourself and your best, empathy will win over negativity every time.


Written by Gary Vee

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