Stop Putting People Up & Putting Yourself Down – Expert Advice

Keep reading for the perspective shift that will increase your happiness. 

The problem isn’t that you suck…the problem is that you judge yourself for sucking. Here’s why you don’t need to. 

There isn’t a person on earth that doesn’t suck at a ton of shit. Once you know that and I mean truly realize it, you stop beating yourself up. The things you suck at stop mattering because you start focusing on what you’re actually good at. 

Comparing always leads to two things…either you put yourself down or you put others up on a pedestal. Guess what? Neither approach gets you anywhere. Instead of judging yourself based on what the next person is doing, focus on yourself. Get real honest and self-aware and understand that it’s okay to be bad at some things. 

You can’t do video content because you’re no good on camera? Great – do written content or start a podcast. Back in 2008 I made a video acknowledging all the reasons why I suck. 13 years later and I continue to suck…but I’m also consistent as fuck at the things I AM good at, and that’s made all the difference. 😎

So, if you find yourself comparing often or being down on yourself, remember…don’t overfocus on what “they’re” great at and don’t overfocus on what you suck at. 

I hope this will be a real lightbulb moment for all of you.

By Gary Vee

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