Rethabile Mohlala’s New Book Coming SOON

I’m currently writing ✍️ my New York Times Bestseller Book 📚, a memoir – ‘The Story of Rethabile Mohlala’. It’s going to be a combination of my current essays, I will also add more chapters. Some of the chapters you can look forward to is “A Turn back Moment” – where you feel like Giving Up, another one ☝️ is ‘The Seeds of Consciousness’. This book will be turn into animated movie 🎥 for kids to watch and it’s going to dominate Hollywood. The Rethabile cartoon will also be turn into an NFT Project. Will you Buy it? #Talk2Rethabile

[Success Code] 3 hours after I made announcements about My New Book, 100 copies already been sold and the actual book 📚 hasn’t been published yet nor printed. The Power of Marketing and Personal Branding. This book is to sold out Worldwide 🌎 I can fill it in my bones, I’m even shaking #RealTalk

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Rethabile and Trevor

[Book Tour] I can’t wait to Travel the World on a Book Tour Motivating and Inspiring People Across the Globe to Follow their Dreams and do what they’re Good at, Follow their Talents, Gifts and Stop Fucking Around waisting their Precious time and the Blessings that God gave them #Blessed#GodsPlan#Dreams#Goals

[News Alert] Finally I have decided to publish this book after I kept it on hold for almost 3 to 4 years. It’s coming at the store near you and online stores such as Amazon and Takealot just to mention a few and my soon to be launched website for the book.

[True Story] Trevor Noah inspired me to start working on my book 📚… I can’t wait for you guys to read my book. Can’t wait to see my book at the Exclusive Books, Hyde Park. Fuck this is amazing #Godsplan#Blessed

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By Rethabile Mohlala

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