ArtOfficial… the FIRST Independent Online Auction Platform for Digital Artists

ArtOfficial…the FIRST independent online auction platform for digital artists

I am happy to announce the official launch of ArtOfficial.

I teamed up with Vito Schnabel, Founder of Vito Schnabel Gallery, to launch the first ever independent online auction platform created by a gallery to offer NFT and digital artwork by internationally acclaimed artists. This is a profound moment in the evolution of art history, with digital art and NFTs ushering in a paradigm shift.

For me, the opportunity to team up in this moment with Vito, who I view as one of our generation’s most compelling professionals in the contemporary art space, is particularly exciting. By merging our very different but complementary talents and areas of expertise, we’re creating a platform that can deliver the greatest value to artists and the community that collects and enjoys their work, as well as many new collectors. It’s still very early days for NFTs but it’s changing so many creative people’s lives. I’m so excited for more independent artists to get their “wave,” and for ArtOfficial to be a part of it!

I can’t wait for our future to unfold. The very first ArtOfficial NFT auction will be open for bidding starting today, Friday, September 24th until Monday, October 4th. It features four original digital works created by renowned visual artist, Francesco Clemente. 

By Gary Vee

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