Amazon Launched ‘Alexa Together’, a Subscription Service for the Elderly

Amazon announced the launch of ‘Alexa Together’, a new subscription service. The new device is designed for families with aging members who are living alone and need extra support. 

Anyone who need this service must be willing to part-ways with a $19.99 monthly subscription. Alexa Together is an add on of Alexa Care Hub with new features that includes protections such as urgent response feature and access to emergency helpline. The new device it also give access to family members and keep them in the loop when an elderly need or ask ask for help. 

Alexa Together Routines.

From next year, Alexa Together will able to add a multiple people to provide more care and support. It will allow neighbours to be added on the device to check and give alerts in case of an emergency.  

Amazon said, “caregivers can also do things like set up reminders on loved ones’ devices or link to a music service so they can easily play their favorite songs. 

“And they can add contacts to the family member’s Alexa account, so they can call friends and family hands-free”, eCommerce giant concluded. 

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