Stripe, Payments Solutions company plans to Re-enter the Crypto Market

Stripe, payment solutions company plans to make a dramatic move and re-enter the crypto market. The company announced that is currently building a new crypto team “future of Web3 payments”. This moves comes after the company left the crypto market space. 

The company feels that is left behind because its competitors such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Jack Dorsey’s Square are entering and innovating in the crypto market space.  

Stripe don’t want to be late for the party hence they’re making the move to re-enter the crypto currencies space. 

According to a post by Edwin Wee on Stripe’s user relations team, Stripe is looking for Web3 engineers and designers to flesh out its new crypto team. 

“Crypto holds the potential of faster and less expensive payments, particularly in underserved markets,” he wrote.

According to TechCrunch, “From those with no credit history who cannot open bank accounts, to people living in places with limited access to banks, to populations that have historically been discriminated against, Bitcoin can help level the playing field and build a more inclusive future,” Square had said. Perhaps Stripe now agrees. 

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