Opinion | Mmusi Maimane must come out of Political Wilderness and Join Mashaba with Action SA

I think Mmusi Maimane should have tea with Herman Mashaba and join the newly launched political party, Action South Africa or Action SA in short. The South African political discourse misses a political figure like Maimane, he brings a good flavour and zest. Mashaba also needs Maimane on the political ticket, if he wants to win in the upcoming elections. 

Following Maimane’s narrative, after he left the Democratic Alliance (DA) two years ago, the former leader of the opposition is currently planning to launch his own political party and compete in the upcoming national elections. 

Unfortunately, time is running out for Maimane to launch the political party and build structures across the country. 

If you want to win elections, you can’t launch a party today and compete tomorrow… yes it can be done but the chances of success are zero. It takes time to build a brand and to make people familiar with it.  

Founder of OSA Mmusi Maimane

I think Maimane should put the idea of starting a political party on hold and join forces with Mashaba and create something special, a formidable force and WIN in the coming elections. 

Partnering with Mashaba or joining Action SA, would be a good strategy to defeat the corrupt (ANC) African National Congress. If Maimane starts a political party that will be bad for South Africa, that means the electorate will be split into two. 

From a scenario planning standpoint, if Mmusi makes such moves, It will be harder for the opposition party to win the upcoming elections and the gravy train of looting and stealing by the ANC and their cronies is likely to continue. The writing is on the wall ANC is running out of steam and they don’t have creative ideas anymore to take South Africa forward. 

All they (ANC) think about is lining up their pockets by stealing from the poor and self-enrichment and playing the race card to make fellow South Africans fight among themselves, unfortunately.  

Writes Rethabile Mohlala 

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