OPINION | Public Health Care vs Private Health Care writes Rethabile Mohlala

SAD REALITY: I was sad to learn that patients at Chis Hani Bara Hospital, Soweto… didn’t have food, nurses had to buy food and bread from the streets vendors to feed the patients, while some nurses had to pack their food containers and lunch boxes to work to feed patients at Bara Academic Hospital. 

Some good nurses contacted samaritan charity organisations to come and donate food at the hospital so that the patients can have something to eat instead of starving to death. 

Now health department wants to fire those nurses for informing the media about the dire state of affairs at Bara Hospital. 

On the other hand, Government wants to nationalise all private hospitals with NHI (National Health Insurance). What a time to be alive. 

How will the government be able to run private health care hospitals while they can’t get the basic things right like providing a loaf of bread and Milk to patients? 

All that the government is doing and making noise about NHI is just a show and politicking… we all know they can’t get the job done. 

If the private hospital gives away their power to politicians to run private health care, unfortunately, patients will starve to death and it will be late to go on the streets to look for food. 

What a shame South African Government to allow this kind of sh!t to happen. 

By Rethabile Mohlala 

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