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Texting is an essential part of our everyday communication. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t own a mobile device that allows them to instantly communicate with a colleague, loved one, or friend in a matter of seconds. With this immediate accessibility to another person at our fingertips, it provides big opportunities for businesses to leverage engaging with their customers using SMS. 

91% of consumers would opt-in for text messages from their favorite brands while 58% of consumers believe this is the most effective way for a brand to communicate with them. SMS marketing allows you to send marketing messages via text that your customers can opt-into via subscription and they can be used to promote a variety of content like discounts, surveys, remarketing, and personalized promotions. 

If your business is looking to adopt SMS marketing into your strategy this year, then you want to help simplify the process of managing internal communications, customer data, and data organization with SMS integrations. SMS integrations connect businesses to popular apps which allow teams to leverage data from their existing platforms and integrate text messaging into the existing workflows. There are plenty of SMS integration tools on the market, but identifying the best choice for your business can be a bit of a head scratcher, so we narrowed down the list for you!

Integrations can provide several benefits to your SMS marketing strategy by connecting your business to your customers. SMS integrations can have a variety of features such as send bulk sms online, automation for better efficiency, visibility and tracking, and secure delivery, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Short links help to create clear, concise, and effective communication with your customers without cluttering up the character count or overselling the message. They allow you to tailor and brand your message seamlessly which can increase the chances of your link getting clicked. All of this is done with the help of our popular Bitly API which helps you maximize the full power of each link you create.Today we’re going to break down how Twilio, Salesforce, and our Bitly API integrations can help improve your SMS marketing strategies. 


Twilio is a communications platform which includes SMS text messaging among its communication tools. Its API features two methods of using SMS via their Programmable Messaging API which delivers SMS alerts, notifications, and reminders or providing customer care with the conversation API. Twilio manages the complexity of global carrier networks with industry-leading features like voice and pushing notifications that allow you to grow with your audience organically. They support high-volume global senders for international communications and their innovative platform is designed to scale with your business regardless of how quick your customer growth is. 

By connecting Twilio to Bitly, SMS messages to your customers include unique links personalized for each customer. Airlines connect passengers to updated flight information in their mobile apps. Clothing retailers send branded, targeted sales promotions to preferred clients. Healthcare companies send login verification links for secure communications. And after sending a link in an SMS campaign, you can go to Bitly to see exactly how many people are clicking links and how they are engaging with your campaign.

After connecting Twilio to Bitly, you can broadcast text messages with personalized links to your customers. Each link can direct each customer to unique pages or screens on your site or in your mobile apps. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to integrate Twilio with your Bitly account, visit our help center.

Salesforce (Mobile Studio/Mobile Connect) 

Salesforce is a CRM platform with a large ecosystem of products and apps, so you might be using Salesforce Social Studio, Salesforce Pardot, or any one (or more) of the other Salesforce products. Salesforce jumped into the SMS market with their Mobile Studio which helps brands communicate with their customers on their mobile devices whether it’s a personalized messages, push notification, chat message or SMS message. 

Mobile Studio can help improve your brand’s mobile experience through geolocation, which helps you to tailor content relevant to your customer’s location and interests. Salesforce also helps optimize your mobile marketing strategy with a “buy online, pick up in store” option which has been a crucial way to ease the hesitancy some customers may have about in store shopping in light of the pandemic. 

The first step in integrating Bitly with a Salesforce product is understanding which products and features you are using, and if those products include a built-in connection to Bitly. Once you identify which versions or products you use, you can always build an integration using Bitly’s API and a Salesforce API. Creating your own API integration will give you the most control over shortening links and utilizing click metrics with your Salesforce data.

API integrations with Bitly are built by developers to do things like creating and sending short links in bulk or pulling in click metrics, so you will need someone with that technical knowledge and experience. With the right technical resources, any Salesforce product can be connected to Bitly.

If you are interested in learning more about how to integrate Salesforce with your Bitly account, visit our help center.

The Bitly API

Bity’s API enables our customers to do even more with their links. Using it, they can do anything they would be able to do in the Bitly platform whether it’s shorten a link, track metrics, or integrate with other apps. By using our API you can sync with your product or messaging framework for concrete stats we can reference, keep your branding front and center of every link you create with our customer back-halves, and experience an interconnected web experience that will make your day-to-day tasks much easier. While shortening links is Bitly’s most basic functionality, our customers create and distribute links at scale via integrated apps and SMS by utilizing the Bitly API. Click here to read MORE

By Desiree Johnson – Content Writer, Bitly

Desiree has been a professional writer for over a decade with an expertise in social management and branding. As a Content Writer, she creates marketing content to help people learn more about how they can ignite action with their links using Bitly.

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