PayPal is Closing its San Francisco office

Having an office address is a thing of the past, no longer trendy and majority of companies opt for remote work. 

PayPal is shutting down its San Francisco office. The international payment platform is evaluating its global office footprint. 

The PayPal, Bay Area office which is accommodated its Xoom business unit. The company bought Xoom, which is focused on online money transfer technology and services, in 2015. 

According to the news reports the staff members who were working at the office will work virtually while some will work at the company’s headquarters office in San Jose, California. 

The spokesperson of the company said, “At PayPal, we are continually looking at and evolving how we can work in the most collaborative and efficient ways possible, and we routinely evaluate our global office footprint and spaces to ensure that our company and our employees are best set up for success.”

“The pandemic, in particular, has taught us there are many ways in which we can work effectively while providing our employees with flexibility. PayPal remains fully committed to the Bay Area and to California and we will continue to hire into and inves

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