Talking Podcast | Hitting the sweet Spot with Podcast ads

Podcasts are a unique format with tons of potential. They can foster a relationship that feels almost one-on-one between the hosts and listeners. That sense of connection means podcast ads can be especially effective for quickly building a customer relationship and solidifying your brand’s image. 

Every podcast has a distinct neuro signature (e.g., happy, informative, fun, mysterious) which influences the kind of creative that would perform. We recommend a narrative-driven and equity-focused creative approach for emotionally driven shows like Gimlet’s Where Should We Begin. For news content like The Journal, reach listeners with informational and feature-focused messaging.

You’ve probably noticed that host-read podcast ads are common. The host acts as a surrogate or spokesperson for your brand, lending cache or relevance by association. 

But traditional voice-read podcast ads convert well, too, and are flexible and scalable in a way that host-read ads are not. 

Host reads and voice reads both show excellent results with smart execution. But what is the difference between the two, and which one is right for you?

By Spotify Ads

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