YouTube to introduce more podcast programming on the platform 

The tech giant YouTube is eyeing Spotify and Apple Podcast’s breakfast as the company plans to introduce more podcasts. Kai Chuk YouTube podcasting head has revealed that more podcasts will be added to YouTube Music soon. 

“We will soon start to bring both audio and video-first podcasts to YouTube Music for users in the U.S., making podcasts more discoverable and accessible, with more regions to come,” said the spokesperson at YouTube. 

“This will help make the podcasts that users already love on YouTube, available in all the places they want to listen.” The tech giant announced that they will be a free version with ads-support and a premium version. 

YouTube is looking at ways to support RSS. Initially, we’ll use RSS to bring shows into podcasting, that’s according to Steve McLendon, Podcasting Product Lead at Google. Creators will have access to podcast tools in the YouTube Studio, making it easier to set videos as podcasts. 

Unlike other podcast platforms, YouTube Music is not planning to cut deals with content creators, they will focus on what they do best video and audio that’s all. 

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