TikTok refreshes its community guidelines that set the rules and standards for the platform

TikTok has refreshed its Community Guidelines to take effect on 21 April. The Guidelines set the rules and standards for being a part of the TikTok community, and they apply to all aspects of the platform.

TikTok will provide additional training to their moderators in the coming months to help them enforce these updated rules and standards effectively as they roll out.

Some fundamental changes include advancing their rules for how they treat synthetic media, adding ‘tribe’ as a protected attribute in their hate speech and hateful behaviour policies, and providing more detail about their work to protect civic and election integrity.

TikTok has overhauled how they organise its rules thematically into different topic areas. For each of these areas, such as Behavioral & Mental Health, they explain briefly what they don’t allow, then provide more details, such as definitions and the range of actions they might take.

TikTok updates community guidelines

They have also laid out the four pillars of their approach to moderation:

  • Removing violative content.
  • Age-restricting mature content.
  • Making content ineligible for recommendation in the For You feed that isn’t appropriate for a broad audience.
  • Empowering the community with information, tools, and resources to stay in control of their experience.

TikTok’s update to their Community Guidelines also expands on their enforcement strategy by sharing more information about the actions they take against accounts that violate their rules, explaining the considerations they take into account when enforcing their rules based on public interests, and including more detail about how they use informational labels, warnings, and opt-in screens.

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