Pretoria News is no more, the parent company decided to bundle it with The Star newspaper

The capital’s daily newspapers Pretoria New is dead. After 125 years of informing the people of Tshwane about what’s happening in the world, the newspaper bosses decided that now is the time for the daily newspaper to end as a standalone publications. 

“From 15 May 2023 Pretoria News will be incorporated into The Star; this will be in the form of a branded Pretoria-focused section in The Star, to be distributed in Pretoria and its usual areas,” said acting editor Kennedy Mudzuli.

The changes it doesn’t affect Pretoria News only, even Pretoria News Weekend is also affected by the unfortunate move. 

“Our digital platform, as well as all the social media platforms are unaffected by these changes.It is common knowledge that Independent Media, like its print counterparts around the world, has had to adapt to a more digitally-focused working environment and era. The shift was exacerbated by the Covid-19 era, which forced us to adopt austerity measures to ensure the company’s survival as an alternative voice for the majority of South Africans,” said Mudzuli. 

The publication denies that almost 1000 staff are going to lose their jobs., because the newspaper lose struggle to attract the news in the business.  

“The amalgamation of the Pretoria News with The Star and Pretoria News Weekend with the Saturday Star was the outcome of these processes, which also affected other newspapers within the group,” said Mudzuli.

He said there were no job losses because of the change.

Executive editor of production Renata Ford added: “The decision to close the printing of a newspaper title that has been in circulation for 125 years is undoubtedly a difficult one and is a historic moment, a sad moment, a moment of reflection, and one that signals a profound shift in the way we consume and engage with the media.”

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