The FM Adfocus Awards has announced its shortlist for 2020

After three juries with four jury sessions the AdFocus Awards 2020 shortlist has been decided. This year the main jury sessions were a hybrid with both a physical sitting simultaneously to a virtual one for those who could not physically attend. 

“It felt like we did not miss a beat. On the jurors’ part that required hours of commitment preparing and being present. As jury chair it was exciting to facilitate,” says Tumi Rabanye, AdFocus Awards Chairperson 2020/21. 

New Award

This year included a new Award, the Agency Adaptability Award. “This was a pride piece for 2020, that gave us the opportunity to see and highlight those agencies that had made the best of a very difficult climate,” says Rabanye. 

“We drew major lessons from judging this particular award and it will be to see the lessons that get taken on from the winning agency,” she adds. 

Robust engagement

Judging this year was interesting on so many levels. “With the two foremost being the climate within which it took place and the collective wisdom in the room,” explains Rabanye. 

She says that it was remarkable to have such robust engagement from some very reputable names. “The mix of skills and experience really showed.”

Overall, she says, the key outtake is definitely what resilience it takes to make it in the marketing communications industry. “Against all odds the industry continues to show up; that is a commendable feat against the exceptional backdrop of 2020!” 

Click here for the finalists.

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