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Free-to-air satellite TV service provider Openview is thrilled to introduce Africa’s first and only 24/7 weather, environmental news and lifestyle channel, People°s Weather. Available on channel 115, the latest offering strives to make Africa’s nature more inclusive for all.

Whether telling impactful stories or providing insightful narratives, Openview customers will be served an extensive buffet of seasonal content that connects us daily.

Viewers can look forward to a wide range of programming that weaves its way through the documentary-style channel, focusing on nature and outdoors, food, travel and tourism, farming and agriculture, science and environmental matters.

For lovers of nature’s wild extremes, Lightning Pathologist is a new series featuring specialist South African Forensic pathologist, Prof. Ryan Blumenthal. The latter has made it his life’s work to study one of nature’s most prolific serial killers: Lightning. This new electrifying eight-part series is immediately available for viewing from Monday to Thursday at 6pm, with an omnibus on the weekends.

The much-anticipated Snake Season, a new riveting series of live-snake capture, rescue and release, featuring the celebrated and charmingly cool-headed Durbanite and snake expert, Nick Evans, follows at 6.30pm.

Launching in late November are episodes of one wild ride on Safari Sightings. Witness Nadav Ossendryver, the founder of Latest Sightings, South Africa’s most popular YouTube channel with over 1.8 million subscribers, visiting MalaMala Game Reserve where his most-watched and liked game rangers take him on epic game drives. Join them as they travel to spots where sightings that went viral were originally captured and, in the process, explore some brand new, unbelievable wildlife.

My First Weather Report is where your young one can be seen on TV – the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about the weather and how it connects us all. Join over 500 aspirant young weather reporters present the weekend weather in short informative segments every week.

The world consumes so much of Africa’s nature and wildlife. Yet, for so long, the nature and wildlife filmmaking genre has been an extractive industry, with most Africans unable to see the content produced on this continent.

The NEWF – Nature, Environment and Wildlife Filmmakers Short Film Festival offers a captivating array of impactful and punchy short films focused on conservation produced and directed by young African filmmakers.

Exclusively screened by People°s Weather from Monday to Saturday 23 to 28 November. The films, which are all under 15 minutes long, include filmmakers’ personal journeys of discovery, investigative reports on illegal wildlife trade, educational revelations of species and game parks under threat, spiritual connections with marine life, attempts to overcome fears of nature in all its powerful majesty, and much more.

On the decision to include People°s Weather channel as a part of the Openview platform, eMedia COO Antonio Lee explained: “A large part of our existence as the human race is dependent on what takes place within our environment. Therefore, it is imperative for us to look for ways to educate our audiences and entertain them. Conscious individuals and students alike who care and want to know more about how the world is being impacted by climate change will greatly benefit from this channel.”

Lee continued: “We welcome the partnership with People°s Weather, and look forward to continuing serving the needs of our Openview customers, through the provision of relevant content.”

Stephan Le Roux, CEO of People°s Weather, says: “We welcome this opportunity on the Openview platform to expose and educate a broader audience to the role weather plays in our day to day lives and how through the stories we share it connects communities and people to the environment. We truly believe that the more we have access to our own stories or experiences around wildlife, nature and conservation, the better informed and equipped we become to protect our rich natural heritage.”

“As a channel, we are fundamentally aligned with where conservation is in Africa, and the vision for its future,” concluded Le Roux.

Tune into People°s Weather on Openview channel 115 – Way more than just the weather.

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