SARS Commissioner Edward Kieswetter is Gataval with State-sponsored Corruption in SA

Edward Kieswetter the Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service (Sars) is fed up with effects of corruption that is unfolding in the republic of South Africa.

“‘I’m infuriated!’ Commissioner Edward Kieswetter says he feels the need to speak truth to power,” he was speaking to Bruce Whitfield on Talk Radio 702 after Finance Minister Tito Mboweni presented his 2021 Budget.

Kieswetter adds, “the amount of taxes we collect is a function of the state of the economy and the effective administration of the tax laws. We’ve had a bit of both – that leads us to the R100 billion more than the minister announced in October.”

“I would be the first to say ‘we still have a long way to go’ but we’ve seen more effective collection of debt, a significant increase in the number of litigation cases that are won in our favour… It’s not one single silver bullet. It’s a number of little things we are doing which has also created the opportunity for the minister to hold back on the R40 billion that he said he has to raise taxes by,” Sars boss.

“On the fiscal sustainability we are not out of the woods. Approaching 90% of debt to GDP is not a nice place to be if you’re paying almost 21c in every rand collected just to service your debt, not even to pay the principal,” he stated.

You can listen the full interview of Sars Commissioner and Bruce on 702 here.

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