Post Office to Close 130 Branches Across Mzansi (SA)

The South African Post Office is faced with financial challenges.

Post Office CEO Nomkhita Mona has confirmed that the organisation is in the process of closing about 130 of its offices across the country mainly due to financial reasons.

This comes after the Post Office was declared commercially insolvent, with its 2019/2020 financial results.

Speaking to the parliament about the Post Office state of affairs, Mona said some offices have already been vacated.

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“Now we are left with 80, those are the ones that we are still looking into closing. I think what is important to note is that sometimes we do have to respect the current contracts that we have with the landlords because if we just step out of it immediately we then prone to penalties. So we are doing that in a staggered form so the number is 80 to go and the target was 130 so we have to close some of those,” stated Mona.

The Post Office is currently consolidating some of their branches.

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“In instances you would find there were three branches within 5km of each other, we are taking this opportunity to consolidate and move some branches into one, adds Mona”

The future looks bleak for the trouble organisation.

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