Google Opens its NYC’s Chelsea Flagship Store – Take a Look inside the Shop

Google will today opens its first retail store in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. 

According to Google, the new space is a natural extension of the commitment to NYC and provide customers with hands-on interaction with lineup of devices and services — from Pixel phones and Nest products to Fitbit wearables and Pixelbooks.

Two tables containing Google products stand behind large windows facing outside.

Unlike its competitor Apple, the company doesn’t make most of its money from selling hardware products. The company makes more than 80% of its revenues from digital ads, generating $147 billion last year.

A couch, chair and coffee table stand in front of the Discovery Boxes inside Google’s retail store.

The company adds, as we began the process to create our first retail store, the number of details to consider was daunting, but the opportunity at hand was amazing. We wanted our first store to reflect the same approach we take to designing our products: making sure they’re always helpful to people. The result is a space we believe is warm and inviting, while providing new ways to celebrate and experience Google through our phones, displays, speakers, wearables and more.

Here’s more pictures of Google Store.

Three Discovery Boxes containing Google hardware products line the store windows.
Left: The store’s LEED Platinum certification. Right: A Discovery Box explaining the method to produce our Nest Mini Recycled Fabric.
Google Store in New York City
A photograph of the outside of the Google Store in New York City.
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