Local Government Elections Should Go-ahead writes Rethabile Mohlala

How many people should die for politicians to start acting on the needs of people and poor communities?

Let’s face it IEC – Independent Electoral Commission doesn’t want to do its job of running the elections. They’re busy playing politics at the expense of the lives of South Africans, especially poor people who live in townships and shacks. 

They don’t want elections to go ahead, they’re hiding behind the pandemic and now they rely on courts to do their job. That’s not good, after all the #Unrest we saw a couple of weeks ago it’s part of local government officials not doing their jobs.

What is happening in #Phoenix, Durban is a classic example that the elections must go ahead so that corrupt officials can be voted out. The ANC and its lazy politicians only care about self-enrichment, they stall progress and service delivery to poor communities. 

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Former President Kgalema Motlanthe said we failed our nation as leaders, he was speaking at the recent event of the Black Management Forum. President Motlanthe said the politicians prefer to lineup their pockets rather than helping poor people with jobs, poverty alleviation and providing services to our communities.  

The bottom line is we should not expect too much where politicians and bureaucrats are in charge, because they don’t play by the rules of the game and to them the rules of engagement are different. Clear as daylight, it’s all about them, not the people who vote them into power, sadly.  

Unfortunately, IEC, ANC, EFF and other political parties are in cahoots for the elections not to go ahead. These people don’t want to do their jobs hiding behind the pandemic and this virus is not going anywhere, it’s about time they accept that this is part of the new normal.

By Rethabile Mohlala

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