TikTok postpones the Opening of its first European Data centre

TikTok once again shifts the goal post for not opening its first European data centre in the European Union region, in Dublin, Ireland. The company says the facility is not ready for operation until next year. 

Opening the European Union facilities is part of the company’s great plan to store the data in the EU, EEA and the United Kingdom. 

TikTok spokesperson recently spoke out about the lengthy delay, “We initially announced our intention to establish a data centre in August 2020. The challenges resulting from the ongoing global pandemic have significantly impacted our original timeline.” 

The company’s head of privacy in Europe, Elaine Fox, in a blog post said, “Such a regional approach to data governance enables us to stay aligned with European data sovereignty goals,”

“At the same time, we are minimising data flows outside of the region in a way that allows us to maintain the global interoperability needed to ensure that our users here remain connected to our 1 billion strong community — and enjoy the benefits of a global product experience.” 

They have been trying to open the facilities since 2020, unfortunately, they haven’t cracked the code yet. Now they have to push the date to 2023, hopefully.  

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