YouTube is getting Serious about Venturing into the Podcast world

As the saying goes rather be late for the party than not show up at the party. Finally, the rabbit is of the hat, YouTube is planning to launch a podcast platform in the near future. 

The company has hired a podcast executive, Kai Chuk, to lead its efforts in the space and had even begun offering cash to popular podcasters to film their shows. 

A leaked document has unveiled more about YouTube’s plans in this area, pointing to a future podcasts homepage on and other monetisation features.

A recently published report by Podnews, which got its hands on an 84-page presentation where YouTube described its podcasts roadmap. The company says it will improve podcast ingestion by piloting the ability to pull in podcast RSS feeds. 

The document also noted it plans to centralise podcasts on a new homepage at Unfortunately, the URL doesn’t work yet; but it also doesn’t automatically redirect to the YouTube homepage — which is what it does if you put other random words after the slash.

News reports suggest Google sees podcasts as a way to expand its advertising business on YouTube. The document suggests YouTube will feature audio ads sold by Google as well as other partners. 

It mentions the support of “new metrics” designed for audio-first creators and the ability to integrate YouTube data into industry-standard podcast measurement platforms. One page shows brands like Nielsen, Chartable and Podtrac listed as partners.

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